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Title : AddPac releases a powerful automated provisioning and GW management system for large scale operation


AddPac releases a newest version of Voice Finder AP-VPMS(VoIP Plug & Play Management System) which is advanced automated provisioning and GW management system for large scale VoIP network, providing a full suit of functionality for gateway operation, administration, management and provisioning. AP-VPMS is comprehensive PnP VoIP Management System realizing automatic VoIP gateway configuration and real-time monitoring. It is ideal for VoIP network providers or operators providing an end-to-end view for their entire VoIP gateway system.

AP-VPMS provides new automated processes and user friendly tools to provision services and to lower operational cost in the cost-efficient manner. It also ensures operator productivity for not only configuration and provisioning tasks but also service management with consistency by providing feature-rich management framework at a central and remote place. Moreover, even with desktop PC level H/W, service providers can expect the most profitable results to increase service productivity with the cost-competitive advantage.

AP-VPMS is a ‘must-have’ system for large scale gateway deployment. Its automated provisioning and management framework covers all the areas for efficient gateway management and service operation. It supports the powerful features which are optimized for bulk operation such as auto initial config & installation, gateway status monitoring & analysis, auto firmware upgrade, gateway management, account management, group management, event log view and gateway status report.

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