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Title : Introducing a versatile and potent VoIP broadcasting gateway, AP-BG1000


AddPac releases a versatile and cutting-edge IP broadcasting gateway, AP-BG1000 which is delivering powerful voice communication and broadcasting with built-in internal Speaker or extra devices such as MIC, external Speaker. It supports various voice codecs and VoIP & broadcasting features on the basis of firmware upgradeable MIPS+DSP architecture. It provides a full suit of functionality for HQ-branches audio/voice broadcasting of live events and pre-recorded contents to multiple concurrent end points and thousands of audience over any existing IP network. It also provides advanced solution to deliver high-quality, live and scheduled broadcasts even on converged network exceeding the quality provided by conventional voice broadcasting.

One of its greatest features is contents archive and scheduled rebroadcasting which can be implemented by newly equipped device. Its built-in internal flash memory(optional) can be used to provide local record/play function and operate broadcasting in non-real time by transmitting schedule data from broadcasting server. It also provides real-time play function for pre-recorded contents by transmitting schedule data. This feature provides both the broadcasters and audience with the opportunity to take advantage of either the live broadcast or time-shifted scheduled retransmission.

AddPac AP-BG1000 provides internal speaker to support internet voice broadcasting without heavy investment for the initial deployment. AP-BG1000 features both built-in internal stereo speaker(1Wattx2) and external 3.5mm stereo line-out interface. If higher output power than built-in speaker’s is needed, external high output power AMP/Speaker can be connected to AP-BG1000 through line-out interface. Moreover, It offers the diverse and compelling features such as power control port to turn on/off external AMP, REMOCON to control volume of internal speaker and LED of front part to check the status and functions of the gateway.

AddPac’s various VoIP gateway series, multi service routers and comprehensive family of cutting-edge solutions have delivered high performance and stability to maximize customer satisfaction throughout the world. They provide high level of flexibility and scalability for each organization to find the solution that best fits their application needs and budget. With years of experience and know-how in enterprise and carrier market, AddPac provides AP-BG1000 which is new and potent IP broadcasting solution designed to meet customer needs and budget. It delivers superior quality, customized and advanced solution to where stable, high quality voice broadcasting service is wished for from emergency broadcasting for such specific occasions as disaster or nature catastrophe to informative broadcasting for enterprises, official public offices, financial offices and other traditional organizations.

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