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Title : Launching complete VoD solution, VSPP(VoD Service Provision Platform)

AddPac Technology announces AP-VSPP(VoD Service Provision Platform), a complete solution for VoD and real-time video broadcasting service over any existing IP network. AddPac’s AP-VSPP VoD solution provides the excellent performance for advanced VoD service as well as high quality network video broadcasting application to maximize customer satisfaction. This solution features high performance VoD streaming server, embedded media encoder system with various models of video broadcasting terminals deployed each HQ and branch offices to provide real-time VoD and video/audio broadcasting.

AP-VSPP’s components of VoD solution consist of a centralized VoD streaming server using high performance commercial system such as Dell servers, AddPac AP5840 media encoder system, VoD streaming server manager server/client, media encoder manager server/client, AP-VBMP S/W media player operated on PC, hardware terminals such as AP-VG700, AP-VR1000 and AP-VP300. Its powerful adoption of standard server system makes the VoD streaming server highly flexible in accordance with loadbalancing, processing, capabilities and concurrent operations. AP5840 media encoder system is designed based on the combination of DSP hardware codec, real-time OS(APOS), embedded hardware and it is ideal for encoding/decoding of high quality video.

Now more than ever, service quality is getting crucial beyond conventional solutions such as PC based video solution. AddPac’s AP-VSPP is an ultimate solution for delivering both the real-time live video broadcasting and potent VoD service with outstanding performance and stability while offering scalable and cost-effective growth as customers’ demand increase. AP5840 media encoder, AP-VG700, AP-VR1000 terminal equipments are designed on the basis of hardware codec and high performance RISC CPU which are suitable for high quality video broadcasting. AP5840 media encoder can be operated in real-time broadcasting mode and provide real-time video service with a range of hardware terminals. In addition, latest codecs which are used for video compressing supports high quality video with stability even in converged network. This system supports maximum 30 fps VGA(640×480) based on the MPEG-4 and it is capable of controlling frame rate and bit rate according to the network availability.

A comprehensive family of AddPac’s Video solution along with newly developed cutting-edge VoD solution provides high scalability for each organization to find the solution that best fits their application needs and budget. Its high level of flexibility and scalability also provides a future proof solution that’s essential to keep pace with the inevitable technology and network environment changes.

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