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Title : Announcing next-generation video gateway for IP communication, AP-VG700


AddPac Technology announces high performance video gateway AP-VG700 on which hard disc, CF memory can be mounted. This versatile virtual communication system supports both real-time and non real-time video broadcasting with its internal HDD and CF on various services such as VoD, unattended video surveillance, PVR, video telephony in an unified solution.

Designed on programmable high-performance RISC CPU and DSP, AP-VG700 is capable of adopting new capabilities and improvement by downloading firmware from website or with its auto-upgrade option as the customers’ needs grow. Moreover, the latest video codecs such as H.264 and MPEG-4 are also implemented on firmware level which is capable of new codec services through its continuous upgrade.

In case of MPEG-4, AP-VG700 supports max 30 frames of VGA(640×480) images which is considered promising for the high quality video application. AddPac AP-VG700 is an advanced video solution with its quality audio. It ensures toll-quality audio and CD quality sound of MP3, OGG Vorbis for video broadcasting and conferencing service. Broadcasting from branch offices and video telephony can be operated thanks to its encoding function.

Furthermore, AP-VG700 concurrently supports both video broadcasting(video decoder) and video surveillance(video encoder). Last but not least, AP-VG700 realizes complete audio/video privacy protection as well as the network security features.

Compared with PC based software video solution, AP-VG700 is an ideal hardware video solution providing much more outstanding stability and high quality along with cost-effective design.

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