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Title : Unveiling feature-rich, reliable and cost-effective VoIP gateway AP190

- Ideal solution for commercial VoIP deployment and various VoIP
- Market-ready and cost-effective device with standard compliant,
  highly configurable design providing full interoperability with major call
  managing devices
- Designed with superior voice technology and enhanced QoS
  ensuring the best voice quality under any network environment
- Rich VoIP and networking features with high performance and
  enhanced capabilities
- Support for all standard call control protocols including H.323, SIP
  and MGCP


A leading provider of VoIP technology, Voice and Video network equipments, AddPac announces cost-effective one(1) port VoIP gateway AP190 which is a market-ready product for global market optimized for excellent utility on commercial VoIP deployment and various VoIP applications. This new reliable and cutting-edge gateway boasts of high performance and standard compliant design with the wide range of the newest VoIP and networking features. Therefore, AP190 has been well-designed and tested with triple leading stack of VoIP call control protocols, ensuring full interoperability with major PBXs, IP-PBXs, GateKeepers, SIP servers and SoftSwitches.

VoiceFinder AP190 VoIP Gateway provides high-performance VoIP solution including IP-routing services for small enterprise, and other public offices as well as Internet cafe and Internet based cyber apartment. Moreover, VoiceFinder AP190 VoIP Gateway maintains best voice quality under not only high bandwidth traffic but also low bandwidth traffic using the latest voice compression algorithm and enhanced QoS management features of AddPac Technologies.

In addition, VoiceFinder AP190 VoIP Gateway can be used in various network environments such as leased line, ADSL, and Cable Modem networking with fixed IP and dynamic IP environments. And VoiceFinder AP190 VoIP Gateway supports various network protocols such as IP-routing, bridging, PPP, NAT/PAT, and network management features such as SNMP MIB v2, Cisco-style CLI, Web, etc. This VoIP gateway typically was designed using high-performance 32bit RISC microprocessor based architecture with fixed network interface configuration:

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