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Title : Releasing next generation high capacity AP-MG5000 Media Gateway

- High performance media gateway designed for ITSP and large
- Supports IP network, wireline/wireless telephone network as well as
  NGN service
- Ultimate solution targeting on Backbone gateway market
- Supports maximum 16E1(480 channels) with unique designed DSP


AddPac Technology is entering into large scale VoIP media gateway market in full scale. As a leading provider with the years of experience and the know-how at IP telephony field, AddPac’s commitment of cutting-edge technology leads to the debut of VoiceFinder AP-MG5000, AddPac’s bland-new backbone media gateway for connecting wireline/wireless telephone network, IP network, NGN(Next Generation Network). AP-MG5000 is targeting on ITSP and large enterprise market supporting maximum 480 channel VoIP calls in a small footprint space.

AP-MG5000 is developed on the basis of AddPac’s unique cutting edge technology from hardware to software. Its capacity can be expandable by 4E1(120 channels) and also supports dual PSU and hot-swap mode which can be used for replacing modules during the system operation. Rear equipped PSUs are designed as module type for unexpected errors.

AP-MG5000 supports major VoIP call control protocols including H.323, SIP and MGCP concurrently on one embedded OS for flexibly coping with environment modification.

AddPac Technology subsequently has a plan to announce AP-MG6000 with 64E1 capacity as another member of the high capacity media gateway family which is developed on the basis of high density DSP board. High capacity equipments series from AddPac will accelerate expanding its domain to large enterprise and carrier-class market beyond the scope of small and medium VoIP gateway market.

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