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Title : Releasing High Quality Audio Codec Module for IP Broadcasting


AP1601 Rear

AddPac Technology releases a next generation IP broadcasting codec module AP-HQA which realizes CD-level sound quality supporting high level audio codec and advanced QoS algorithm. Mounted on AP1601, AP2120 and AP2520G etc, AP-HQA is the finest solution for high quality IP broadcasting service.

AP-HQA technically supports the various high quality audio codecs from G.711, G.726 up to MP3, Ogg Vorbis* as CD-level sound quality. Moreover, thanks to its PSB interface, electric power on/off of the amplifier can be controlled at a terminal site. MIC and headphone interfaces are combined to each unified audio-in and audio-out ports, which enables system to control those functions with software.

AP-HQA guarantees high quality IP broadcasting with supporting various codecs. Since AP-HQA eliminates buffering delay distinctively comparing with streaming solution and provides CD-level sound quality, it can be an excellent solution for current network environment of rapid bandwidth increase.

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