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Title : Releasing HIM-AV1000, the high performance video/audio codec module


AP5850 Rear

AddPac Technology introduces a high-performance AV codec module ‘HIM-AV1000’ which is able to be placed on the AP5850 multi service router. HIM-AV1000 is designed along with the programmable DSP based codec so that the various AV codec firmwares are downloadable from the host CPU and usable in variety of the applicable services with the video codecs such as H.263, MPEG-4 and H.264* supported.

Because inserted directly into the multi service router slot. HIM-AV1000 supports an attractive feature of high quality video processing. It supports VGA-level(30 frame/sec, 640×480, MPEG-4) in 30fps and the hotswap mode that enables the module replacement during the system operation.

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