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Title : Releasing HIM-VoIP4E1, 120 channel large capacity VoIP media gateway module


AP5850 Rear

AddPac Technology releases a high scalability VoIP media gateway module, HIM-VoIP4E1 which supports 120 channels of VoIP. HIM-VoIP4E1 module can be placed on the AddPac multi service router and high-performance media gateway such as AP5850, AP-MG5000 etc, supporting signaling systems like ISDN-PRI, MFC-R2, DTMF and SS7 etc.

HIM-VoIP4E1 module supports an integrated single module with 4 digital E1 interfaces. Therefore, it is suitable for termination gateways of the headquarters, the call centers of the sizable companies or the special category telecommunications operator companies. Maximum 4 HIM-VoIP4E1 modules can be placed on AP-MG5000 high-performance media gateway.

HIM-VoIP4E1 not only supports triple call control protocols of H.323, SIP and MGCP concurrently in a single embedded OS but also guarantees high-quality voice communication in various network environment with standard QoS and AddPac’s unique QoS algorithm.

HIM-VoIP4E1 module enables the communication of the main chassis via PCI interface, guaranteeing rich bus bandwidth and makes equipment maintenance very easy with the hotswap mode which enables module replacement during the system operation.

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