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Title : Releasing HW based high-performance IP Video Broadcasting Solution

AddPac Technology introduces a high quality, cutting edge, real time IP video broadcasting solution. Delivering video stream with minimized processing and transmission delay, it provides complete functionality and flexibility as high-quality real-time video broadcasting solution.
It consists of the main broadcasting server, the AP5850 and its terminal, such as the AP-VR1000, the AP-VR2000, etc. These terminal systems produce a maximum of 30 fps VGA (640x480) by supporting a high-end Video/Audio encoding and decoding codec running on a DSP HW module, realizing beyond TV quality video broadcasting. This solution can be operated in a variety of network environments such as leased line, metro and xDSL. Moreover it can be integrated into any network by supporting various network bandwidths from 64kbps to 2.5Mbps. All this can be managed using a user friendly JAVA based GUI management tool.

As new demand for video broadcasting application increases, there are several PC based video broadcasting solutions on the market. However, PC based SW broadcasting solutions have a limitation of sending real-time live video due to poor encoding/decoding performance. AddPac has overcome this problem by introducing the real-time video encoding/decoding solution using high-end DSP based video codec on its embedded HW system. It sustains high quality communication in any network environment by supporting a standard QOS algorithm along with AddPac’s own QOS and error recovery algorithm while preventing communication quality deterioration.

AddPac’s IP Video broadcasting terminal systems support a video encoding feature so that it is possible to broadcast from a terminal. This is a very attractive feature of AddPac’s IP video broadcasting solution. In the case of emergency, it enables to send video signals from a terminal (the AP-VR1000) to the AP5850 broadcasting server. The server then sends the signals to several terminals in different branch offices. When it is interoperated with public wireless LAN service it can also be used as an emergency broadcasting system for the areas without ADSL or wire IP network etc.

AddPac provides highly advanced real-time video communication solution for future demands. Its components such as AP-VR1000, AP-VP300 has its own functions as a video service router and a video telephone as well as providing additional features as a video broadcasting terminal.

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