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Title : Introduces BcN VoIP gateway, AP2650

AP2650 Front

AP2650 Rear

AddPac Technology introduces a cutting-edge VoIP gateway, VoiceFinder AP2650 which has changeable CPU module and maximum 32 ports of analog, digital E1/T1 voice interface modules.

The main feature of AP2650 is that it can adopt maximum 32 ports of analog voice interface and digital E1/T1 voice modules concurrently.
It is designed to provide strong features of media gateways for IP-PBX by supporting several ports for analog interface and digital E1/T1 voice modules and also it acts as a media gateway which connects PSTN switch as well.

AP2650 in the aspect of hardware architecture is designed to provide a high performance service as a media gateway. Changeable CPU module provides several LEDs in front panel so that various operational status of VoIP ports can be checked. Also this CPU module is flexible for multi-media applications such as video. Another main feature of AP2650 is that it provides power redundancy function in the case of power failure.

Various VoIP gateways of AddPac are approved for its capability and reliability in world wide markets. This AP2650 will be an excellent choice for BcN (Broadband Convergence Network) environment by supporting concurrent triple stack such as H323, SIP, MGCP and QoS (Quality of Service) for high quality of communication.

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