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Title : Releasing APOS™ 8.10 for VoiceFinder VoIP Gateway Series

APOS™ 8.10 Release Note PDF File  

A new version of APOS™ for VoiceFinder VoIP Gateway series is just released. This version of APOS covers the calling party/called party numbering type setting in Q.931 message, polarity inverse detection/generation feature, DNSProxy feature, CID (Caller-ID) detection/generation, optional E&M signaling type, gateway history command, improved voice announcement, and enhanced SIP features. The APOS™ 8.10 OS images for all AddPac VoIP gateways will be uploaded to the Customer Supports site starting from July 17th. Refer to 'APOS™ 8.10 Release Note' for detailed information on these new software features and modifications.