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Title : AP300, High Quality VoIP Service with Rich LAN Routing Service

AP300 Release Note PDF File

AddPac Technology, a total network solution provider, has announced its introduction of small scale VoIP gateway, VoiceFinder AP300, equipped with 64bit CPU, 32MB SDRAM and powerful features.

Regardless of its small hardware capacity, VoiceFinder AP300 offers 2-port 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet interface. These Fast Ethernet ports make possible AP300’s various network and strong supplementary service capability. For examples, AP300 delivers IEEE 802.1Q VLAN routing, and LAN-to-LAN networking services of bridging, public IP sharing, NAT/PAT and DHCP Server/Relay.

Typically, 10Mbps LAN interfaces are adopted for small-sized VoIP gateways and it leads to slower line speed. This can be a real trouble for individual and SOHO users relying on their VoIP gateways for voice service as well as data service. However, AP300’s 64bit RISC CPU architecture guarantees enhanced performance at the same environment.

Not only the Ethernet interface, AP300 delivers competitive VoIP service feature based on AddPac’s years of know-how and experience in VoIP market. First of all, AP300 supports H.323, SIP and MGCP signaling protocols concurrently. So the customers easily migrate to different service providers’ networks utilizing different VoIP signaling protocols. Also, it supports advanced QoS algorithm along with industry standard algorithms to offer toll-quality VoIP telephony service.

For the individual and SOHO users utilizing single xDSL or cable network for VoIP telephony and data service, AP300 can create greater productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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