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Title : Introducing AP-AUD1O3, Broadcasting & Voice over IP Service Module


AddPac Technology introduces AP-AUD1O3, a new concept of IP broadcasting module offering one pair of 35mm analog audio In/Out ports and three (3) FXO Analog Voice ports. By equipped at AddPac’s VoIP gateway models such as AP1601 · AP2110 · AP2520 · AP2850 · AP2830, it offers both IP broadcasting service and VoIP Gateway service simultaneously. Also, AP-AUD1O3 is enable to receive broadcasting messages but is also support origination by the end point terminals.

Easily connect existing PA amplifiers to the In/Out ports of AP-AUD1O3, or, in case the amplifier is not available, ordinary microphones can be directly connected to its audio-In port. Moreover, the three (3) FXO ports can be connected to the existing PBX to offer VoIP service without modifying local environment.

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