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Title : Introducing High Performance DSP based Real-time H.264 Video Codec

Video Solution Release Note PDF File
H.264 Overview PDF File

- HW based high Performance DSP offering real-time compression
- Supports upto 30 frame per sec of VGA(640×480)-resolution video
- Applicable to all the video applications ranging wireless network and VOD

Nowadays the video application market is focusing on H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10) which offers significantly better resolution on the existing infrastructure. AddPac Technology introduces high performance, real-time embedded video codec supporting H.264 along with MPEG-4 and H.263.

This real-time embedded H.264 codec realizes various resolution including 640×480 and bandwidth. Moreover, it delivers ample additional features such as error concealment, high-quality still-image transmission and Lip Synchronization for the mobile network. By supporting upto 30 frame per sec of VGA (640×480) resolution video, it is the perfect solution for Internet streaming and VOD.

Not only offering enhanced real-time, compression capacity, this high performance DSP can be easily deployed for the development of various related products based on existing platform. Also, it is easily integrated into the target platform, thus realizing timely development of various video applications.

AddPac’s real-time DSP is acknowledged as the first solution embracing all the video applications such as DMB(Digital Multimedia Broadcasting), mobile phone, DVR/PVR, V2oIP gateway, video conferencing system, Internet streaming video, wireless multimedia system, Set-top box, telemetric, and telemedicine field.

The development of multimedia codec means long term development and significant human resources. Also, the market and business environment are changing over night which withdraws small and mid-sized companies from moving into this technology-intensive field. AddPac’s DSP based Video codec can be easily integrated to target platform, thus companies deploy this codec for the timely and price-competitive development of various video applications such as wireless video, DMB, DTV, Internet streaming video applications.

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