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Title : Introducing high performance Media Gateway, AP-MG3000

AP-MG3000 release note


AddPac Technology introduces a high performance Media Gateway, VoiceFinder AP-MG3000. AP-MG3000 offers 120 channels of unprecedented quality of digital VoIP communication with the density requirement. Not only general QoS algorithm, AP-MG3000 supports the advanced QoS algorithms to maintain state-of-art voice quality on any types of conventional IP networks. Also, the front panel of AP-MG3000 incorporates 120 LEDs clearly indicating operational status of VoIP channels such as channel occupation status, security enable/disable status.

In Internet environment, security is the issue that needs to be confronted. AP-MG3000 takes upon this complicated task with its built-in security processor, the first-of-its-kind in commercial Media Gateway market. Especially, choosing AP-MG3000 enables service providers to rapidly deploy future secured service. Including AP-MG3000, AddPac Technology carries SRTP protocol based secure VoIP Gateways such as VoiceFinder AP500S, AP2520S. AP-MG3000 is the right choice for secured, next generation communication.