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Title : Introducing AP2850 Multi-service router with new application of Metro Ethernet and Metro ATM

AP2800-100FX Metro Ethernet Release Note
AP2800-ATMOC3 Metro ATM Release Note

AddPac Technology introduces AP2850 & AP2830 Multi-service router with new application of Metro Ethernet and Metro ATM.

The newly introduced ‘Metro OC-3 ATM interface module’ and ‘100FX Metro Ethernet Interface module’ can be installed at AP2850, AP2830 Multi-service routers. ATM E1×1 & ATM E1×4 IMA Access Modules are already introduced for AP2850 and AP2830. Now these Multi-service routers become the ultimate choice of multi-service network equipment market.

AP2850 multi-service equipment offers 1 network interface slot and 4 IP application multi-service slots for broadband WAN access service, VoIP Gateway service, IP audio broadcasting service and etc. Especially, it offers built-in L3 routing function, so it can replace separate routers. Also, AP2830 is another multi-service router with 1 network interface slot and 2 IP application slots.

Until now, Metro Ethernet or Metro ATM is pointed out with its poor applications. However, AP2850 and AP2830 with the new network modules can overcome this shortcoming.

AddPac Technology is actively marketing AP2850 and AP2830 for public offices, local government, campuses, financial sectors and cyber apartments. Especially, this \'Metro OC-3 ATM interface module\' targets customers asking audio and video multi-media service and ‘100FX Metro Interface module’ targets customers looking for both Internet access and IP applications such as VoIP.

AP2850 and AP2830 solution will be emerging as leading players of the Metro network equipment market by offering VoIP communication and multi-media service along with broadband network access service.