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Title : Introducing ‘VoiceFinder Gatekeeper series\

AP-GK1000 release note
AP-GK2000 release note
AP-GK3000 release note

AddPac Technology introduces AP-GK1000,AP-GK2000 and AP-GK3000, VoiceFinder Embedded Gatekeeper series.

AddPac Gatekeeper series are focused on enterprise customers offering basic function of call routing and various additional functions such as primary and secondary Gatekeeper configuration for fault tolerance. Gatekeeper series can be the ultimate solution for customers requesting expensive Gatekeepers for limited functions of call routing and dynamic IP supports due to reliability issues.

AddPac Gatekeeper series are aim to provide reliable VoIP telephony service even without network managers by adopting embedded OS based exclusive system, unlike commonly used OS platform. Its focus on Gatekeeper functionality realizing the best price vs. performance ratio. Also, it offers secure service along with H.245 crypto-token based security function.

Moreover, AddPac Gatekeeper series offer web-based management tools and end-point operation monitoring, so the users can form effective VoIP communication environment with less efforts. AddPac Gatekeeper series are the ultimate solution for customers considering Gatekeepers but reluctant due to its expenses and management issues.