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Title : Introducing ‘AP-FXS4H’, NGN VoIP Switching Gateway solution

AP-FXS4H module Release Note

- Next generation VoIP telephony solution, no existing subscriber network environment change
- Embracing the merits of PSTN service feature and VoIP Gateway
- Use VoIP telephony service even without introducing broadband Internet service
- Contribution to easy migration form conventional PSTN service to VoIP telephony service


AddPac Technology introduces ‘AP-FXS4H’, NGN (Next Generation Network) VoIP Switching Gateway solution.

AP-FXS4H VoIP 4-ports FXS module offers both VoIP Gateway function and PSTN service features by installed at AddPac AP3100, AP2120 VoIP Gateway.

It effectively deals with complex numbering plan of existing PSTN Switch and overcomes the distance barrels between the subscriber and the VoIP gateway. So adopting competitive IP based telephone system on the current system becomes possible.

AP-FXS4H supports caller ID, various ringing, and surge protection of over 4KV and noise immunity of ADSL/ VDSL, which realizing even reliable VoIP service.

By connecting several VoIP switching gateways such as AP 2120 and AP3100 via Internet, the simplified and distributed IP telephone network can be formed and the service providers can introduce new service such as VoIP telephone-only service for enterprises.

Until now, introducing IP network such as broadband Internet should be ahead of introducing VoIP telephone service. So for ordinary houses or small enterprises without network managers, adopting VoIP telephone service is not simple, especially in case of system malfunction. AP-FXS4H FXS module for VoIP switching gateway is a perfect solution overcoming these shortcomings. It is installed at the telecommunication closet or central offices, so the users can subscribe VoIP service without subscribing broadband Internet service such as ADSL/VDSL, cable modem and etc. Also, it supports number of individual users at the same time, so the service providers can reduce the maintenance expenses which significantly reducing the service charge.