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Title : Introducing AP-AUD1S2O1, integrated multi-service module-Now, use your mobile phone to broadcast!

AP-AUD1S2O1 module Release Note

-Use your mobile phone instead of microphones to broadcast at remote places
-No more limitation on broadcasting origination locations
-Backup route in case of network failure
-User access control with IVR function


AddPac Technology introduces a new concept multi-service broadcasting module, AP-AUD1S2O1, which broadcasts not only signals from microphones but also the signals from mobile phone and PSTN line. It can be installed at AP1601•AP2520•AP2120 systems and broadcasts signals from microphones, amplifiers and telephones as well with fixed interfaces of one pair of microphone In/Out ports, 1 FXO voice port and 2 FXS voice ports.

Until now, audio broadcasting system requires especially reserved places such as broadcasting studios. However, AddPac AP-AUD1S2O1 is a powerful multi-service module eliminates this shortcoming and makes possible broadcasting even signal incoming from mobile phones and PSTN lines as well as signal from microphones and amplifiers. So even in case of emergency, it can broadcast from the telephone with a simple authentication process without visiting broadcasting studios.

Audio In/Out ports of AP-AUD1S2O1 send the signal incoming from microphones and Line-In of amplifiers, and one(1) FXO analog voice port and two(2) FXS analog voice ports send the signal incoming from telephones. In this case, the FXO port directly connected to the PSTN line, receives signal from mobile phones or telephones. Also, 2 FXS ports are responsible for VoIP gateway service as well as broadcasting the incoming signal from directly connected telephones. So, in case the voice broadcasting over IP is failed due to the network failure, the user can call to the broadcasting terminal and broadcasting server via the telephone line. AP-AUD1S2O1 is the ultimate Disaster Prevention system with this unique feature.

AP3120 broadcasting server with AP-AUD1S2O1 module offers user access control with built-in IVR (Interactive Voice Response) feature of AP3120, AP1601, AP2520 and AP2120 models. With an incoming call, the Password Authentication function of IVR controls the access. Also, prerecorded broadcasting is possible by interoperating with IVR feature. AP3120 broadcasting server offers maximum 4MB storage for IVR feature.