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    AP-NR500 IP Voice Recording Server

AP-NR500 IP Voice Recording Server
AP-NR500 Network Voice Recoding Server
High Performance & Powerful Network Voice Recording Method
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AP-NR500 IP Voice Recording Server is a digital voice recording and processing equipment based on the advanced next-generation networks. This product together with IP end-point terminals such as AddPac Technologys VoIP gateways, IP phones can be used for Network based Voice Recording Solution. AP-NR500 is configured with 2-port 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit interfaces, a optional transcoding DSP module for multi-voice codec, and one(1) IDE-type 3.5-inch HDD module slot.

The demand for embedded IP Voice Recording Server that supports reliability and high quality voice service has been increasing as VoIP(Voice over IP), IP Telephony services such as the VoIP Gateway , IP Phone, Video Phone and IP-PBX are getting popular. AddPac Technologys IP based Voice Recording Solution is designed for voice recoding solution based on All IP Next Generation Network. This solution consists of two parts, IP Voice Recording Server, IP end-point terminals. AddPac VoIP Gateways, IP Phones can be an IP end-point terminal for Voice Recording Solution. An IP Voice Recording Server such as AP-NR500 supports the several multi-port VoIP Gateway and IP phones. AP-NR500 supports the maximum thirty (30) Voice Recording sessions, which means 60 voice recording channels(Caller, Callee). AP-NR500 records caller, callees voice communication data separately to provide the options(independent voice file play each, mixed voice file play) for voice file replay.

Embedded IP Voice Recording Server

AP-NR500 is a leading-edge network equipment where the high performance CPU module designed and developed by AddPac is combined with the AddPac Propriety real-time OS (APOS) and embedded hardware to provide IP-based voice recording services. An advanced embedded RISC processor and a reliable embedded OS that support Gigabit Ethernet are used for this product to ensure better performance and efficiency. AP-NR500 IP Voice Recording Server trans-codes voice data received from various IP end-point terminals, save the voice file to Hard Disk, and transmits voice data to Media Player for replay, analyzing, etc.
AP-NR500 provides one(1) IDE-type 3.5-inch HDD module. A HDD module supports the Hot-Swap feature.

Optional Voice Transcoding Module for supporting Multi-Voice Codec

AP-NR500 IP Voice Recording Server trans-codes voice data received from various IP end-points (for example, G.723.1? G.711, G.729?G.711, etc) using high performance DSPs, and save the voice file to Hard Disk. AP-NR500 supports the G.711, G.726 voice codec basically. . For real-time voice recording file handling such as analyzing, replay, repeating, etc in MS-Window based Smart Digital Voice Recording Manager Program, voice files should be recorded in Voice Recording Server as G.711 PCM or G.726 ADPCM file format. To support low bit rate voice codec such as G.723.1, G.729, AP-NR500 IP Voice Recording Server provides the Voice Transcoding H/W module optionally. A Voice Transcoding Hardware Module supports maximum 60 channel (30 voice conversation sessions) concurrent Voice Transcoding.

Firmware Upgradeable System Architecture

Since the high-performance RISC processor modules installed into AP-NR500 are all programmable, the features of AP-NR500 can continue to be improved, changed, or added. You can flexibly adapt to future technology evolution. If you download an added or changed feature from the home page directly or set an automatic upgrade option whenever feature addition or change is done, you can use the latest feature without further operations.

USB Interface Supported (For Secondary Memory Backup)

The front panel of AP-NR500 has the USB 2.0 master mode interface. This interface supports USB DVD/CD Reader/Writer, USB Flash memory, USB hard disks, USB keyboards, and USB mouse. You can connect several USB devices to one another by connecting this interface to the USB hub. A separate power supply device should be used for a USB device that requires much power consumption. A DVR application uses the USB DVD storage device to back up video data of the hard disk in DVD.

Various Network Features and Advanced QoS Feature

AP-NR500 supports the latest features and advanced services ranging from the ones (e.g. a variety of network protocols, better Quality of Service (QoS), and the error concealment technology) specialized for an environment for video communication services to the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) service for preventing a failure and load balancing. Accordingly, AP-NR500 can address various issues that may occur depending on network environments.


Overall Features
Embedded system based on high performance RISC CPU and RTOS
Supports two(2) Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.
Optional Voice Transcoding (G.711, G.726, G.729, G.723.1) Module
One(1) IDE-type hard disk slot module
LCD panel and blue lamp for checking the device
(Enables the USB DVD writer for backup in the secondary storage device.)
Supports reliable integration with the third party caching and streaming media server.
Transmits a audio to multiple sites through IGMP multicasting and better QoS.
Support Smart Digital Voice Recording Manager Program (Server/Client) (MS-Window)
Support File Backup Manager Program (MS-Window)
Network Features
Multilevel QoS Support including AddPac Specialized QoS Algorithm
High-performance IP-Routing Capability with Reliability
Static and IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Routing Protocols including VRRP
Traffic Queuing, and SNMP MIB v2 for Network Management Features
Standard & Extended Access List for Security Functions
Essential Scalability Features such as DHCP Server & Relay, NAT/PAT, IEEE Transparent Bridging, IP Accounting, and Debugging/Diagnostics, etc.
DNSProxy, MAC Address Filter Service

Network Diagram
Hardware Speciification

High Performance RISC Integrated Host Processor
Flash Memory 16MB
SDRAM Memory 256MB
Boot Memory 512Kbyte Flash Memory
HDD Interface
Hard Disk Type 3.5 Inch IDE Type
Hard Disk Slot One(1) Slot, Hot-Swap, RAID1 Configuration
LAN Interface
LAN0 Port One(1) 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet
LAN1 Port One(1) 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet
Console Port One(1) RS232C Interface
DSP Interface DSP Module for Transcoding Up to 32 voice channel
USB Interface USB Port USB 2.0 Interface
Power Requirement
Power VAC 110~220V, 50/60Hz, 5V/12A, 12V/4A
Operating Temperature
0C to + 45C (32 to 112F)
Storage Temperature
-40C to + 85C (-40 to 176F)
Relative Humidity
5% to 95% (Non-condensing)

Dimension (H x W x D)

55 x 440 x 345 (mm)



Support Protocol and Service

Smart Digital Voice Recording S/W Specification

Call History Management search/modify/delete/save
Media Play Management Play/stop/seek/pause
Live Call List Management Current live recording list
Live Call Monitoring Live play
Local Backup and Local Play File Backup Manager Support : PC HDD, DVD, etc
Event Management Event history search
User Management registration/modify/delete/search
Server Status
(CPU/Memory/HDD) & Event Monitoring
Event monitoring
Waveform Analyzing Function Voice wave analyzer
Recording Source Management  Recording Option Query and Configuration : VoIP Gateway, IP Phone, etc
Live Recording Monitoring Live recording board

Network Software Specification

Basic Routing
Static Routing (IPv4)
Static / DHCP / PPPoE
VRRP(Virtual Redundancy Routing Protocol)
Network Management
SNMPv2/SNMPv3 Support
Standard & Enterprise SNMP MIB Support
Web Based Management using HTTP/HTTPS
Console / Telnet / Rlogin / SSH Interface
Security Functions
Standard & Extended IP Access List
HTTPS / SSH Interface
Auto-disconnect Telnet/Console Session
Access Control for Local Service (FTP/Telnet/HTTP.)
Enable/Disable Network Services
Multi-Level User Account Management
Configuration Backup & Restore for APOS Managements
Use Multiple APOS™ and Configuration
Auto Upgrade via HTTP/HTTPS
Debugging, System Auditing, and Diagnostics Support
FTP/TFTP/Telnet/SSH Server and Client
HTTP Server
Remote logging using Syslog
Local System Logging (Local HDD model)
RADIUS Authentication / Account
Other Scalability Features
Network time Protocol(NTP) Support
Cisco Style Command Line Interface(CLI)
DHCP Server & Relay Functions
DNS Server

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