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    AP-SVRM Smart Voice Recording Manager

AP-SVRM Smart Voice Recording Manager
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AP-SVRM (Smart Voice Recording Management Software) is management software for AP-NR500, AP-NR700, and AP-NR2000 voice recording server devices in IP based voice recording solution.

AP-SVRM is designed to operate in server/client method under MS Window based PC platform environment. A voice recording storage such as AP-NR700 can be AP-SVRM client software server terminal. It supports user register, access limit management, voice recording storage server management, recorded file management; analyze recorded file wave pattern, live call list and monitoring function, event management function, and recording board management function.

User Register and Access Limit Management Function

A smart voice recording management software is designed to log-in with registered administrator. You may register user name, user ID, user password in user register information. You may setup IP address, port number, and auto log-in with password storage function in setup menu from log-in initial screen.

Voice Recording Server Status Monitoring

A voice recording storage server offers setup function and client access lists. A user may setup the maximum number of client sessions as well as keep alive time. In client session view, it shows the client session lists which is connected into voice recording storage server.

Recording File Management

It supports to manage the recorded voice files. This allows you to view the list of recorded file with search filter and search engine and it also supports play, delete, and excel file report function. With one simple click on searched file, it offers voice recording information, call history, incoming call, outgoing call information and media player offers play/seek/pause/resume/stop function.

Recorded File List Storage Function

A voice recording file management function shows the lists of recorded voice file. It supports both excel export function and report function to view the searched recording voice file lists.

Recording File Waveform Analyzer

A voice recording file waveform analyzer displays voice waveform in graphic form. A user may use when detail waveform analyze is necessary for specific call. It supports time domain zoom in/out function, amplitude domain zoom in/out function, bookmark function and etc.

Live Call Recording List and Monitoring

This function displays the lists of current recording process. This is a software function block which support detail information of incoming/outgoing call.

Event Management

It supports event history management function for voice recording server. It is designed to setup event source server address and the number of ports in event setup function and a user may setup event level as well as event logging level. The event category can be divided into three categories; recording, play, and system. It also provides a setup function for emergency event occurrence.