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    HS3000 Video Codec Module

HS3000 Video Codec Module
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HS3000 HD subtitle generator module is DSP, HD-SDI based module. HS3000 is located between HD-SDI based full HD camera and HD video codec to perform an overlay display on HD video input image of various XML based CCTV information such as text/bitmap/figure. It is designed to support HD and HD video signal based on HD-SDI input/output signal. It is applicable to various real time video application fields such as HD surveillance, traffic management, environment/disaster surveillance.

A popularity of IP based network DVR video device has been increasing as much as IP network based high performance video communication. AddPac HS3000 subtitle generator module combines with HD-SDI based HD camera and H.264 HD video encoder to apply to various fields such as video surveillance, traffic management, and environment/disaster surveillance through overlay display of CCTV information. Especially, HS3000 subtitle generator module is compatible with various video solutions such as IP based HD DVR solution. Consequently, a user may build an efficient HD video overlay display environment by applying various devices in accordance with application ranges or fields due to the compatibility.

Firmware Upgradeable DSP based HD Subtitle Generator

The DSP of HS3000 subtitle generator is all programmable structure so that user may edit, change, and add constantly to cope with technological change. A user may use the latest technologies without much effort by simply setting an auto upgrade option or download from the homepage directly when necessary.

HD-SDI Interface based Subtitle Generator Function

HS3000 subtitle generator module supports HD-SDI Full HD digital video interface. Video input supports HD-SDI format, various HD-SDI digital camera video format such as 720P, 1080i. Video output also supports HD-SDI interface and designed to connect with HD video codec.

  HS3000 Video Codec Module Presentation File