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    AP-NC1200 Multiservice Video Codec

AP-NC1200 Multiservice Video Codec
AP-NC1200 Multiservice Video Codec
High Performance & Powerful Network DVR Solution
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AP-NC1200 multi-service video codec is a next generation high performance multi-channel encoder based on DSP and installs 2 video/audio/control modules. It is applicable to real time video transmission field such as video surveillance, traffic control, and environment surveillance based on H.264.

The popularity of IP based network DVR has been increasing as much as high interest in IP network based high performance video equipment. It is applicable to video surveillance, traffic control, environment surveillance, and port surveillance by combining with various WAN environments such as xDSLfast internet, leased line, metro Ethernet. AP-NC1200 can be interworked with DVR solutionso that you may build an efficient NDVR communication environment in accordance with the range of application or the range of field.

Firmware Upgradeable DSP based HW codec

AP-NC1200 video codec module supports audio/video encoding concurrently based on the latest codec H.264. DSP based H/W architecture of AP-NC1200 is a programmable structure so that it is capable of improving, modifying, and adding new features constantly. When an additional feature or modification isrequired, just directly download from the homepage or setting an auto upgrade option.You may use the latest features without much effort.

Support Various A/V module for Multi-Service

AP-NC1200 multi-service video codec is designed to support various multi services such as D1 video encoder module, HD video encoder module (HD-SDI), built-in amplifier audio broadcasting module, subtitle module, and PAN/TILT control module. Especially, video encoder function, audio broadcasting function, supplementaryfunction is designed on the basis of module type so that it is deal with various user environments.

Enhanced Remote Management Capabilities

AP-NC1200 video modules operate independently for securing the stability of device via telnet or FTP. The remote control capability makes possible for device status inspection, function setup, and software upgrade. An additional GUI based management system is provided for numerous AP-NC1200 operating environment in several places. It examines the AP-NC1200 operating condition as well as sending audio to the desire place.

Various Application Field

AddPacs high performance DSP based H.264, MPEG-4 video codec eliminates the range of applications limit for AP-NC1200 such as high quality video surveillance, traffic control, environment surveillance, and disaster prevention.

D1, HD quality surveillance: AP-NC1200 supports two module slots. It supports built-in amplifier voice broadcasting module, D1 video encoder module or HD video encoder module concurrently. Audio/Video contentsare delivered to the AddPac network DVR in real-time. An operator can perform real time surveillance through monitors. This system is applicable to unattended security, traffic control, environment surveillance, and disaster prevention to enable the operator for immediate response when the event occurs.


Overall Features
IP based real time video surveillance architecture
Support two multi service module slots
Various video codec module (D1, HD module)
D1 (NTSC, PAL), HD (HD-SDI) video subtitle generator module
IP voice broadcastingmodule(Built-in AMP.)
Programmable high performance DSP based hardware video codec
Programmable high performance DSP based voice broadcasting hardware module
High performance RISC CPU and RTOS based embedded system
High Performance QoS function support for multi-site audio/video transmission
Integrate structure to support network surveillance and audio broadcasting
Video Features
Codec: G.711, G726
Interface: Stereo audio input port
Stereo audio output port
Network Services
IGMP supporting for Multicast Audio Broadcasting Service
Multilevel QoS Support including AddPac Specialized QoS Algorithm
High-performance IP-Routing Capability with Reliability
Static Routing and IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Routing Protocols including VRRP
Traffic Queuing, and SNMP MIB v2 for Network Management Features
Standard & Extended Access List for Security Functions
Essential Scalability Features such as DHCP Server & Relay, NAT/PAT, IEEE Transparent Bridging, IP Accounting, and Debugging/Diagnostics, etc.
DNSProxy, MAC Address Filter Service

Network Diagram
Hardware Speciification

Two(2) Module Slots for Multiservice NDVR Application
AV1500N Two(2) Channel D1 Video Encoder Module
AV1200N One(1) Channel D1 Video Encoder Module
AV1600N One(1) Channel HD Video Encoder Module
AA1000N AMP. Built-In Audio Broadcasting Module
AS1000N Analog Subtitle Generator Module
Power & Operation Environments Power Requirement External Power Adaptor, DC24V 2.7A
Operating Temperature 0C to + 50C (32 to 122F)
Storage Temperature -40C to + 85C (-40 to 176F)
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% (Non-condensing)
Dimensions H x W x D(mm) 43mm x 260mm x 180mm
Weight(kg) 1.7Kg

Support Protocol and Service

Network Protocols LAN Protocol Static and IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Routing
WAN Protocol Point-to-Point Protocol (PPPoE for ADSL), etc.
Video Service Codec H.264, MPEG4
Frame Rate HD : Up to 30fps, 720P(1280 x 720) Image Resolution, H.264
D1 : Up to 30fps, NSTC(720x480), PAL Mode, H.264
Dual Bit Stream D1: (D1, CIF)
HD : (720P HD, D1)
Operating Bandwidth 256Kbps ~ Several Mbps
Audio Service & Signaling Protocol Voice Codec - G.711 & G.726 for Voice Quality Audio Service
QoS Enhanced QoS Management Features for Audio/Video Traffics
Network Management Standard SNMP Agent (MIB v2) Support
Traffic Queuing and Frame-Relay Flow Control
Remote Management using Console, Rlogin, Telnet
Web based Managements using HTTP Server Interface
Security Functions Standard & Extended IP Access List
Access Control and Data Protections
Enable/Disable for Specific Protocols
Multi-Level User Account Management
Auto-disconnect for Telnet/Console Sessions
PPP User Authentication Supports
Password Authentication Protocol(PAP)
Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)
System Performance Analysis for Process, CPU, Connection I/F
Configuration Backup & Restore for APOS Managements
Debugging, System Auditing, and Diagnostics Support
System Booting and Auto-rebooting with Watchdog Feature
System Managements with Data Logging
IP Traffic Statistics with Accounting
Other Scalability Features
DHCP Server & Relay Functions
VRRP Service for Load Balancing & Auto Recovery
Network Address Translation (NAT) Function
Port Address Translation (PAT) Function
Transparent Bridging (IEEE Standard) Function
Spanning Tree Bridging Protocol Support
Remote Bridging Support
Concurrent Routing and Bridging Support
Cisco Style Command Line Interface(CLI)
Network time Protocol(NTP) Support

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