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Title : AP-ITMS1000 IP-PBX + Video MCU Integrated Solution, Video MCU Integrated IP Telephony Solution

IP-PBX + Multi-Party Video MCU Integrated System Solution Demo Youtube :

AP-ITMS1000 is an IP telephony solution for All IP environment that provides multimedia IP telephony service by interworking with various AddPac IP terminals like AP-VP300G IP video phone and AP-IP300, AP-IP230, AP-IP120 IP phone etc.

AP-ITMS1000 is a next-generation integrated IP telephony platform supporting SIP proxy server function and video conference MCU function.

AP-SoftPBX software for SIP proxy server provides H.323 & SIP call signaling, RTP proxy function, call history management function and various IP-PBX services like IVR, UMS, user presence service etc.

AP-SoftMCU software for video conference supports Full HD multi-party conference call, various video layouts and various video codecs like H.265, H.264, H.263. etc.

WSMM : Web based Smart Multimedia Manager for Video MCU


1. 1:1 IP video call via AP-ITMS1000

2. Multi-party video conference call via AP-ITMS1000

3. 1:1 IP voice call via AP-ITMS1000