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Title : AP-GTR250 Compact Size Aluminum Chassis Embedded GPS NTP Server Release

AP-GTR250 compact size embedded NTP server with GPS time receiver hardware receives GPS time information from GPS satellite and performs the NTP(network time protocol) server service for network based application server which requires accurate time information like as CCTV NVR server..AP-GTR250 embedded NTP server terminal is easy to manage remotely and provides excellent scalability. This device can be applied to various real-time video applications such as video surveillance, traffic management and monitoring for disaster prevention

AP-GTR250 embedded NTP server transmits GPS time information to network based application server which requires accurate time information via ethernet port. In local area network, this device transmits GPS based time information to application server like as CCTV recording server by using NTP protocol.
Without GPS based time synchronization or NTP server, if time is passed after installation or in service, each application server’s time clock is mismatched comparing with GPS based real-time. Especially, in case of CCTV application, time mismatching should be solved between real-time and CCTV application server’s current time.
AP-GTR250 provides easy system cabling and Installation service by using LAN interface and internal GPS time receive hardware module.
In front of AP-GTR250, there is one fast Ethernet port, RS232C console port and external GPS antenna interface port. . Also, there is LED display for GPS Time Display (Hour/Minute/Sec) and GPS Synchronization. At the rear of AP-GTR250, there is external power supply interface and power on/off switch. Default GPS antenna cable length is 10m.

AddPac network products are well recognized in terms of performance and stability in the world. With our accumulated experience in enterprise market and communication market, AP-GTR250 embedded NTP server with internal GPS time receiver hardware module will satisfy the needs of customer along with AddPac network CCTV solution.

Network Diagram

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